Hiphop star gets flak over Anti-Semitic football slogan; Dropped from War memorial

Popular hiphop group Broederliefde will no longer be perforing during the Liberation Day festival and is no longer considered an Ambassador of Freedom, the National Committe of 4 and 5 May decided. This follows a video surfacing last week on which rapper Emms can be seen shouting anti-Semitic slogans during the Cup Final between Feyenoord and Utrecht last year, AD reports.

The video posted on YouTube shows the 25-year-old rapper, real name Emerson Akachar, chanting "Hamas, Hamas Jews to the gas".

According to the Committee, too many people currently see the Ambassadorship of Broederliefde as offensive. "He is very aware of the impact of the statements he made and offered apologies for it", the committee said in a statement. 

The committee appreciates the efforts of Broederliefde. "Nevertheless, we have come to the conclusion that the title Ambassador of Freedom is currently not appropriate and we want to prevent this debate standing in the way of the commemoration and celebration on 4 and 5 May."

Broederliefde stated that they respect the committee's decision.