Amsterdam to convert more office buildings into homes

I Amsterdam sign in rainbow colors to celebrate the 15th anniversary of marriage equality in the Netherlands, 1 Apr 2016 (Photo: @iamsterdam/Twitter)
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Last year Amsterdam created 1,370 new homes in the city by converting unused office buildings. Over the next two years another 250 vacant office buildings will be converted, creating an estimated 4 thousand new homes, the city announced in a press release.

"We want to continue to rebuild vacant buildings into homes in the coming years", Housing alderman Laurens Ivens said. "All this unused space is very much needed in the city, especally because the demand for existing housing is growing. With conversion we are therefore hitting two birds with one stone: vacancy is contested, and more Amsterdammers have a roof over their heads."

In 2015 the city converted 48 buildings into homes. Last year 61 office biuldings were turned into living space. 

Vacant offices aren't only turned into homes. Some buildings are turned into schools, daycares or new offices. Using these vacant properties for other functions is good for strengthening the quality of Amsterdam's neighborhoods, according to the city.