Dutch ambassador helped bring Kim Jong-nam's family to safety after assassination: report

Dutch flag (Photo: Ninane/Wikimedia Commons). (Dutch flag (Photo: Ninane/Wikimedia Commons))

The Dutch embassy in Seoul may have been involved in helping bring the family of Kim Jong-nam to safety after he was assassinated, accoding to South Korean news agency Yonhap. Kim Jong-nam was the half brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un.

Cheolima Civil Defense, an organization that helps North Koreans flee when they need to, also thanked Dutch Ambassador Lody Embrechts for his "resolute and strong action" on their website, according to newspaper AD. 

The organization claims that Kim Jong-nam's family called them for help this past month. Cheolima also posted a 40 second video starring a young man believed to be Kim Jong-nam's son Kim Han-sol. In the video he introduces himself and says that he is with his mother and sister. He also states that the video was made a few days after his father's murder. The video was posted online on Tuesday.