Thousands support mom of Amsterdam girl kidnapped by her father

Insiya Hemani, kidnapped in Amsterdam and taken to India
Undated photo of Insiya Hemani, kidnapped from her mother's home in Amsterdam when she was 2Photo: Politie

An international petition started by Nadia Rashid to get her kidnapped daughter Insiya back to the Netherlands, was signed by nearly 15 thousand people in a matter of hours. The 2-year-old girl was kidnapped by a group of men from her grandmother's home in Amsterdam in September last year.

Multiple arrests have been made in connection with the little girl's abduction, including one in Iran this weekend. But her father Shehzad Hemani, believed to be the one behind the kidnapping, is still at large. As far as is known both Shehzad and Insiya are currently in India. Both Insiya and her father are registered on Interpol databases world wide. 

Getting to Shehzad Hemani in India is complicated, as the country does not extradite nationals. Insiya only has a Dutch passport, but so far there has been little luck in getting her home. The petition is meant as an additional means of pressure for the Foreign Ministries of both the Netherlands and India to pay extra attention to this case. 

According to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Shehzad Hemani responded to the petition online. He claims that mother Nadia Rashid rejected his proposal to reunite her with her daughter. 

Rashid empathetically denies this. "My ex is trying to extort me. I have to withdraw my charges and relinquish custody of my daughter to him. Only them can I come to India to see my daughter there very now and again", she said, according to the newspaper.