Dutch video game Horizon Zero Dawn gains international acclaim

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games
Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

Horizon Zero Dawn by Dutch game studio Guerrilla Games is not even out yet and already its getting international acclaim. All major international gaming sites, ranging from Polygon to Giant Bomb, rated the game with 9s and 10s. "This is quite unique", game journalist Jan Meijroos said to RTL Nieuws.

Guerrilla Games is by far the largest Dutch game studio with about 250 people working at its Amsterdam offices. The company is best known for shooters like Killzone.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world game that takes place thousands of years after a major disaster. Humanity is again living in tribes and nature has taken over the modern world, with robots roaming like animals. Your task is to unravel the mystery of these robots and their origin. The game releases on March 1st.

"It is the first time that a large Dutch game is receiving such praise from the international press." Meijroos said to RTL. "That is not only good for Guerrilla, but also for the prestige of the Dutch game industry."