Haarlem wins title for most traffic problems in Netherlands; Amsterdam 5th

traffic jam Simon Forsyth, Flickr. ()

Last year Haarlem was the Dutch city with the most traffic jams, according to the annual TomTom Traffic Index. Haarlem motorists who drove to work during morning rush hour every weekday, spent 100 hours in traffic jams last year. After three years in first place, the Hague dropped to second place in 2016. Amsterdam came in fifth, RTL Nieuws reports.

"We get more and more data from cities, which means that we are also able to analyze more. To our surprise Haarlem came up at number 1. That is not to say that the Hague had less traffic than the previous year. Haarlem simply had more", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster. A trip by car in Haarlem was on average delayed 27 percent by traffic last year, 3 percent more than in 2015. 

The TomTom Traffic Index measures the actual time traveled by motorists on highways and secondary roads. This year 19 trillion data points were analyzed in 390 cities in 48 countries spread over 6 continents. 

Here follows the top 10 Dutch cities with most traffic problems in 2016.

  1. Haarlem 27% (+3%)
  2. Den Haag 24% (+1%)
  3. Leiden 23 % (+1%)
  4. Groningen 23% (+1%)
  5. Amsterdam 22% (+2%)
  6. Nijmegen 21% (+3%)
  7. Arnhem 20% (+3%)
  8. Tilburg 19% (+2%)
  9. Breda 19% (+2%)
  10. Eindhoven 19% (+3%)