Amsterdam makes top 20 of world's most expensive cities to rent in

Mevlana Mosque in Rotterdam FaceMePLS/flickr

On the world rankings for private rental housing Amsterdam is 17th most expensive, according to British startup Nested, who compiled the ranking, AT5 reports.

Nested took a total of 72 major cities world wide and compared them based on income needed to rent a home. In Amsterdam the price per square meter is 22.06 euros and one person pays an average of 860 euros on rent. For that an average annual income of 35,605 euros is needed. The average rent for a family is 1,632 euros, for which an annual income of 67,558 euros is needed.

The top five most expensive cities to rent in are, in order, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. The full ranking can be seen here.