Over 150,000 Dutch caring for parliamentarians on new "Kamergotchi" app

Mark Rutte on the Kamergotchi app
Mark Rutte on the Kamergotchi appPhoto: Kamergotchi / Google Play

A day after the "Kamergotchi" app was launched on television program Zondag met Lubach, over 150 thousand people have downloaded it and are now taking care of their own parliamentarians, AD reports.

The app was launched by Arjen Lubach himself. Its name is a mixture of Kamer - as in lower house of Dutch parliament Tweede Kamer - and the toy Tamagotchi, which was very popular in the 90's. Players start with an egg, which they have to shake open. Then they get a politician - one of 17 party leaders - to care for. The politicians must be fed and give attention. 

The Kamergotchi app is massively embraced on social media. Various Dutch celebrities have posted photos of their politician on Twitter. Paul van der Leeuw is currently taking care of Marianne Thieme, news reader Dionne Stax got Kees van der Staaij and Arjen Lubach himself is caring for Tunahan Kuzu.