Schiphol grows to third busiest airport in Europe

On Friday it will be the busiest day of the year at Schiphol. ()

Last year Schiphol saw the most growth of all major airports in Europe. The number of passengers that traveled through the Amsterdam airport increased by 9.2 percent to almost 64 million, thereby passing the airports in Frankfurt and Istanbul and taking the third spot on the list of Europe's busiest airports, NOS reports. 

The top five airports in Europe now are:

  1. Heathrow - 75.7 million passengers (+1 percent)
  2. Paris-Charles de Gaulle - 65.9 million passengers (+0.3 percent)
  3. Schiphol - 63.6 million passengers (+9.2 percent)
  4. Frankfurt - 60.7 million passengers (-0.4 percent)
  5. Ataturk - 60 million passengers (-2.1 percent)

Despite the growth in passengers, Schiphol made less profit. Last year the airport made a profit of 306 million euros, almost 20 percent less than in 2015. Though a one time windfall of 50 million euros in 2015 did play a major role in the large decrease. Another reason for the lower profits is that the airport is making less in port dues. The airport has been lower the rates for several years in an effort to attract more passengers. This year the port dues will be lowered again. 

Schiphol is very close to the limit of its growth potential. Residents, the government and Schiphol agreed that the airport can grow to no more than 500 thousand flight movements per year until 2020. Schiphol already had 478,864 flight movements last year.