Possible Mondriaan found in Naarden thrift store

Self portrait by Piet Mondriaan, Circa 1900
Self portrait by Piet Mondriaan, Circa 1900Photo: Piet Mondriaan / Wikimedia Commons

A painting believed to be the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan was found among boxes of discarded furniture in a thrift store in Naarden. The painting of a withered sunflower shows strong resemblance to Mondriaan's earlier work, auctioneer Rob Mulders said to RTL Nieuws.

It will take some time to determine with certainty whether the painting is indeed by Mondriaan. Specialists will have to be called in. The fact that the painting was found in a thrift store makes it even more complicated, because it is almost impossible to trace where it came from. The painting is signed "Piet Mondriaan". 

The painting will be auctioned off on February 25th. In the two days before that art lovers will have an opportunity to give it a close inspection at the auction house in Naarden, according to RTL.

"Are you sure its a real one? Then you buy it. And if it turns out to be real you struck a gold mine", Mulders said to the newspaper. According to him, one of Mondriaan's early works can easily sell for thousands of euros. "And for individuals who can not afford a real one it can also be fun to hang on the wall. Whether it's real or not does not matter."