U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton spotted at Amsterdam cafe eating stamppot

Bill Clinton spotted in Amsterdam, 6 Feb 2017
Bill Clinton spotted in Amsterdam, 6 Feb 2017. (Photo: @Owen_Patrick17 / Twitter)

Former American president Bill Clinton was spotted eating traditional Dutch dish stamppot at Amsterdam restaurant Tomaz in Begijnensteeg on Monday, AT5 reports.

It took the chef at the restaurant a minute to decide what to make for the 42nd president of the United States, he said to the Amsterdam broadcaster. "I had to see what I could make. Well, we do a lot with forgotten vegetables, we make some samppotjies. Those kinds of things." So Clinton got a real Dutch stamppot - traditionally made with whatever vegetables you have leftover in the fridge. 

Clinton is in Amsterdam to personally accept 1.8 million euros for his Clinton foundation from the Postcode Lottery, according to AT5. The Postcode Lottery donates that amount to Clinton's charity every year. He also visited the Netherlands in 2013 to personally receive the donation.