Green party wants new govt. to push €1.7 billion into elderly care

GroenLinks wants 1.7 billion euros to be pushed into elderly care in the next government period, party leader Jesse Klaver announced. This money should be used for, among other things, extra staff so that a set occupancy standard can be introduced in nursig homes, AD reports. 

The green party wants this standard to be two care workesr for every 10 people in the nursing home. In homes for elderly people that need intensive care, two care workers for every eight residents should be the norm. 

"When we talk about the 'elderly', we're talking about our parents and grandparents. They took care of us when we were little. Now it is up to us to make sure that they get the care they need", Klaver said, accordig to the newspaper.

GroenLinks wants an additoinal 100 thousand elderly care jobs to be created in the next cabinet period, which means that there can be no cutbacks in elderly care. This can be paid for by taking measures in hospital care to reduce the increasing healthcare costs. 


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