Record number of Dutch schools deemed "excellent"

Primary school classroom (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Douglas P Perkins). (Primary school classroom (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Douglas P Perkins))

A record number of 184 Dutch schools were given the "excellent" designation this year, 54 more than last year, NOS reports. The schools were evaluated by an independent jury. The "excellent" designation is valid for three years. 

A school is deemed excellent if it excels in a particular area, for example suiting its methods of education to the neighborhood it is in, or going above and beyond to help a student. An inspiring way of teaching can also get a school an excellent label. 

Since the the excellent predicate was handed out for the first time in 2012, the number of excellent primary schools increased from 31 to 69 and secondary schools increased from 22 to 93 schools. Under secondary education 34 VMBO schools are deemed excellent, 22 special education schools, 22 HAVO schools, 25 VWO schools and 13 practical schools.

State Secretary Sander Dekker of Education is pleased with the schools' results. "Schools manage more and more to bring education to a higher level", he said according to NOS. This is a wonderful development."