Political attacks on media concern Dutch right-wing leader

VVD faction leader Halbe Zijlstra is concerned about attacks on the media by right-wing populist politicians. According to him, the idea many right-wing politicians are spreading that if the media disagrees with you they're lying, is "not normal", he said in the Raido 1 program Stand.NL, ANP reports. 

Zijlstra was asked to attend a right-wing European political meeting in Koblenz, Germany over the weekend. PVV leader Geert Wilders also attended and gave a speech. 

"One of the most important achievements is the freedom of expression, which translates to freedom of the press", Zijlstra said after attending the gathering. "Look at Trump. You see photos of the inauguration and the comparison with Obama. Then the reality does not suit him and he will twist it." According to him, politicians like Wilders and Marine le Pen are also guilty of this. "They say: 'I have my own reality, and if the press does not tell it, they're lying'. If we go in that direction it becomes a very scary world."