Candidates announced in new political party promising equal rights

Sylvana Simons announced the candidates for her new political party Artikel 1. The top three on the list are women, headed by Simons herself. The party promises to promote equality and combat discrimination, Simons said when announcing the candidate list to broadcaster RTL.

Simons herself is the first name on the list, followed by Fatima Faid, councilor for the Haagse Stadspartijk, and Brigitte Sins, who works for UNICEF. Adil Akhechaa is the first man on the list, at position four. And Ian van der Kooye, who left political party DENK with Simons in December, is at number 6. Other well known names on the list include author Simone van Saarloos and social and cultural antrhopologist Gloria Wekker. 

"I am extremely proud of this list, because these are all people who already 'live', who already 'are', Artikel 1 and the ideals of Artikel 1 - equality, solidarity, honesty, justice", Simons said on RTL Late Night. "I am also delighted that the list is a true reflection of the Netherlands. We have people of all colors, of all kinds. All kinds of religions are represented, and we have the LGBT community, who is represented."

Here follows Artikel 1's candidate list:

  1. Sylvana Simons
  2. Fatima Faid
  3. Brigitte Sins
  4. Adil Akhechaa
  5. Jens van Tricht
  6. Ian van der Kooye
  7. Phyllis Osei Ameyaw
  8. Simone van Saarloos
  9. Olave Basabose
  10. Martijn Dekker
  11. Juanita Hernandez
  12. Robert Witte
  13. Gert-Jan van de Vaate
  14. Marianella Leito
  15. Jasper van der Veen
  16. Anneieke Bakker
  17. Anne-Ruth Wertheim
  18. Glenn Helberg
  19. Gloria Wekker
  20. Anja Meulenbelt