"Smart Socks" from Dutch startup takes CES prize in Las Vegas

Socks. Photo: Zara J / Wikimedia Common

Startup company Siren Care won the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield prize in Las Vegas with its high-tech "smart socks". The company, which has a Dutch man as co-founder and oen of its directors, received $50 thousand in prize money, or about 47,500 euros, the Telegraaf reports.

The smart socks are aimed at diebetics. Small electronic sensors measure temperature at different points of the foot, thereby predicting ulcers before they emerge. Ulcers are caused by inflammation, which gives off heat. Due to nerve damage, diabetics can't always feel this. Hence the smart socks.

Other competitors for the TechCrunch prize included  wearable technology that monitors labor in pregnant women, sensors on construction sites that monitor the risk of fire, water and mold damage and a device that can identify different pills.