Groningen farmers sue NAM for damage caused by gas drilling

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Seven farmers in the province of Groningen are filing a lawsuit against Dutch petroleum company NAM. They want more than 6 million euros in compensation for damage caused by gas drilling in the province, NOS reports.

Over the past months there have been numerous negotiations between NAM and the farmers, but to no avail, according to the broadcaster. NAM is only willing to compensate a percentage of the damage amount. One farmer was offered 40 thousand euros in compensation, while he claimed 1.3 million euros. 

The offered compensation falls way below the amounts the farmers got from counter-experts called in after NAM examined the damages. "It involves millions. That is an unacceptable difference. So it is now up to the court." Henk Scheffer, legal adviser to the farmers, said to NOS. According to him, NAM is only trying to stretch out the case. "That is a familiar tactic. First it took them three months to respond to our claim. And they tried to postpone a lawsuit as long as possible."

Scheffer is confident that his clients will win this case. "Name should just pay up."