Fake U.S. embassy discovered in Ghana, fake Dutch embassy sought

United States flag and eagle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CGP Grey). (United States flag and eagle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CGP Grey))

The authorities in Ghana are investigating whether there is a fake Dutch embassy in the African country. A fake American embassy was recently discovered in the country and one of the people working in it was speaking Dutch, according to RTL Nieuws.

Last month the United States authorities caught a criminal gang that ran a fake U.S. embassy in Ghana for about a decade. The embassy was complete with an American flag and a portrait of president Barack Obama on the wall. For ten years these criminals sold travel- and identification documents. The documents were real, just came by in a fraudulent manner.

According to the American authorities, the "embassy staff" spoke English and Dutch. There are also indications that a fake Dutch embassy exists in the country. 

The real Dutch embassy in Ghana is keeping close contact with the local authorities. In the interest of the investigation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs can not comment on the matter, according to the broadcaster.