PostNL error: Thousands of Sinterklaas gifts possibly delayed

Presents from Sinterklaas
Presents from Sinterklaas. (Sander van der Wel / Wikimedia Commons)

A computer error at PostNL on Monday resulted in thousands of packages being delayed in delivery. This means that thousands of Sinterklaas gifts may not make it to their recipients on time, the Telegraaf reports.

"We are working with man and might to deliver as many packages as possible through the evening delivery", a spokesperson for PostNL said to the Telegraaf after confirming the computer error. 

Internal sources told the newspaper that hundreds of thousands of packages are affected by the delays, but the spokesperson denied this.

On average PostNL delivers some 500 thousand packages per day. Monday is much busier, because of Sinterklaas. Last year 1.3 million packages were delivered on December 5th.