Netherlands takes on Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Media Martk Black Friday ad
Media Martk Black Friday adMedia Markt NL / Facebook

The American shopping phenomenons of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are slowly gaining ground in the Netherlands, with more and more Dutch stores and online stores participating in the discount days each year.

In the United States Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, so the third Friday in November. On that day almost all American stores offer massive discounts for shoppers aiming to get a head start on Christmas shopping. It also annually results in videos of crowds of people busting into stores the moment they open or fighting over the last television, for example. 

While such riots aren't part of the Netherands' experience yet, Dutch stores are increasingly going for the discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially electronic and home stores are playing along. This year Media Markt, BCC, Blokker, and Central Point are all offering discounts. Most of them are even extending the Black Friday deals to the entire weekend. 

Apple is offering a free gift card worth up to 150 euros with the purchase of selected Apple products. This special is on for Friday only. 

Many online stores are also offering discounts today. This year Dutch online stores and Cool Blue, among others, are all participating.