Apeldoorn program helps six out of prostitution

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A special program Apeldoorn launched early this year to help people over 24 years of age leave prostitution, is bearing fruits. So far five women and one man made use of the program to get out of prostitution, the mayor and aldermen announced to the Apeldoorn city council, De Stentor reports.

The program is called Veiligheidshuis NOG (Safety House in English). It is a collaboratin between municipalities, judiciary, the police and healthcare organizations. Rebelz - an aid organization kknown for tackling youth prostitution and pimps - councils and helps the prostitutes who want to make a change in their lives. 

The six prostitutes helped by the program made contact through a police team, Veiligheidshuis or Rebelz. The assisstance in this program is aimed at helping with work and income, but also helping in building a support network.