AEX, world markets colored red in Trump's wake

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The news that Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, is almost certainly the new president of the United States sent most world markets into the red. The main European markets, including the AEX, opened with losses of around 3 percent, NOS reports.

The AEX opened with a loss of more than 3 percent, but in the first half hour that loss dropped to minus 1.7 percent. The Stock Exchange in London and Paris also recovered to around minus 1.5 percent. 

The Asian markets plummeted. On the Tokyo Stock Exchange the Nikkei indext closed 5.4 percent lower. In Hong Kong, where the Stock Exchange is still open, the Hang Seng Index is down 2.5 percent.

The futures on Wall Street also points to a lower opening. 

"The surprise is great and the price fell sharply, but there is no panic", according to NOS. Trump was already partly priced into the markets, which have been zig-zagging since September.