Animal party wants to close zoos as part of election campaign

Animal party PvdD wants to close zoos as one point in its campaign for the elections in March next year. According to the party, zoos are no longer of this time and should only be a temporary residence for animals, RTL Nieuws reprots.

The party writes that "exhibiting animals" in too small cages is outdated. In this time animals should live in their original habitat. The PvdD also statest aht the old argument of breeding programs at zoos is no longer relevant. According to the paryt, zoos only breed animals because baby animals attract extra visitors.

This idea of the PvdD is not getting much support. The Dutch association of zoos NVD called the party's arguments nonsense. "Many of the reasons why they want to ban zoos are totally inconsistent with the way we keep animals", Rob Huppertz, director of GaiaZOO, said to RTL on behalf of the NVD. "Our breeding rograms are specifically designed to bring back native species in nature. Think of the otter, the hamster and the fire salamander."

Huppertz adds that the argument that animals don't have enough space is also not true. "We also believe that polar bears in barren cages can't be allowed, so we are getting increasingly larger habitats. We want to keep animals in a natural way, so children get repsect for nature."

Other parliamentary parties also don't support the PvdD plan. "The idea of closing zoos and taking away people's fun is ridiculous", the PvdA said. "The welfare of the animals must be guaranteed, but you should also allow people the educational value of a zoo visit." The CDA, GroenLinks and SP agrees with the PvdA, all emphasizing that the welfare of the animals must come first.

A massive 81 percent of respondents in an RTL poll also said that zoos should stay open.