Wilders demands clarity on Texas shooting

Geert Wilders
PVV founder Geert Wilders, as seen in 2006 (ANS-Online/Flickr)PVV founder Geert Wilders, as seen in 2006 (ANS-Online/Flickr)

PVV leader Geert Wilders is demanding precise answers on exactly what happened around an attack on a prophet Mohammed cartoon competition in Garland, Texas last year. Two attackers were killed by the police shortly after the PVV leader left the anti-Islam rally, where he was a guest speaker on May 3rd last year. 

On Monday Minsiter Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice stated that according to the U.S. authorities there was no serious evidence of a potential threatening situation on the day of the shooting, like an FBI agent previously claimed, RTL Nieuws reports. On the day of the attack itself, however, information was given through to the Garland police, security at the event in the Curtis Caldwell Center and other services.

Wilders now wants to know from Van der Steur exactly which other services received this information. For example, whether the Dutch intelligence service AIVD was informed on the situation.