Conscious buying check-mark to disappear from food products

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Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health is removing the "conscious choice" check marks from food products. The check mark on food packaging indicates whether the product fits with a healthy lifestyle, ANP reports 

The Minister already announced that the Ministry and Nutrition Center is working on an app that consumers can use to get accurate information about the composition and nutritional value of food products. The Minister believes that this app can replace the checkmark and logo, and be more effective.

The app can be tailored according to individual users. "The one is allergic, the other diabetic and a third wants to do something about his high blood pressure. The app takes all personal preferences and limitations into account." Schippers said, according to the news wire

The goal of the app is to provide objective and clear information about products so that consumers can make informed choices. The app enables consumers to see at a glance whether a product contains, for example, gluten or nuts or a lot of calories.