A'dam to halt Vijzelstraat car traffic during Amsterdam Dance Event

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Amsterdam is postponing closing Vijzelstraat to car traffic until after the Amsterdam Dance Event. The new traffic arrangement around Muntplein was to be implemented in October, but the city decided to push it back because of the expected crowds coming for ADE, Het Parool reports. 

The new traffic arrangement includes closing Vijzelstraat to car traffic, and one way traffic on the road along the Amstel and on the Singel. The municipality hopes that this will discourage traffic that does not need to be in the city itself.

Vijzelstraat will now close to traffic on November 2nd.

According to the newspaper, a licence plate study showed that only about 25 percent of the traffic on Muntplein has a destination in the city itself. It also showed that the square is always crowded - there are no peak times. And that 10 percent of the cars doe have destinations in the city, but can detour without much effort.

15 percent of the traffic that only passes through, go through the city simply because it lies between the departure and destination points. 30 percent just drive in circles because the driver does not know the way or is looking for a parking.