Zaandam vlogger apologizes for unrest in neighborhood

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Ismail Ilgun, the young vlogger who made headlines in recent weeks because of his videos about young people causing trouble in the Zaandam neighborhood Poelenburg, apologized for his behavior on Facebook. "I confess that I showed stupid behavior and posted certain things online that is should not have, but it should never have gone this far", he writes.

This is the first post by Ilgun since he was arrested on suspicion of sedition and inciting violence last week.

"The guys and I never wanted this, we are young and inexperienced and know nothing of life on television or media life. We made mistakes that we could have avoided, but it happened", Ilgun writes. "Mistakes are made in life so you can learn from it, and I certainly have learned. I spoke from my emotions and feelings instead of my thoughts, but no looking back or you will get no further, from now we have to get it right. For anyone offended by this, I apologize."

The vlogger also linked to a video addressed to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who recently called Turkish-Dutch youth who cause trouble "riffraff" and previously stated that trouble makers should leave. In the video Ilgun and his friends invite Rutte to visit Poelenburg, pointing out the positive aspects of their neighborhood.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte was also taken to task about these statements during the parliamentary debate on the National Budget on Wednesday. CDA leader Sybrand Buma accused him of seeking sensationalism. 


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