Thousands de-register as organ donor after new law

Organ donation campaign (Picture: Twitter/@Celvalicious)Organ donation campaign (Picture: Twitter/@Celvalicious)

A massive 4,495 people in the Netherlands decided that they do not want to be organ donors after all since the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of parliament, adopted a new donor law on Tuesday. According to figures from the Ministry of Public Health, these organ donors withdrew their consent for their organs to be used after their death, the Telegraaf reports.

The new law, initiated by the D66, states that anyone who did not explicitly register as not an organ donor, is automatically considered a donor after death. The law passed with one vote through the Tweede Kamer, but still has to go through the senate.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Donor Registry received 23 thousand new registrations. Of these 19 thousand indicted that they do not want to be a donor, the rest registered as donor. Another 9 thousand changed their donor card, half of them from es to no


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