GroenLinks focuses on climate, tax evasion, equality in election campaign

Jesse Klaver (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Christiaan Krouwels). (Jesse Klaver (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Christiaan Krouwels))

GroenLinks will focus on an ambitious climate policy, stopping tax evasion by large multinationals and getting rid of the existing inequality in the Netherlands, party leader Jesse Klaver promised in his party's election campaign presented in a packed Melkweg in Amsterdam on Tuesday night, NRC reports.

In the short term climate wise, GroenLinks wants to close the coal plants and the nuclear power plant in Borssele during the next cabinet period. The party also wants to introduce  CO2 tax aimed at annual energy savings of 2 to 3 percent. The ultimate goal for the party's climate policy is to have the Netherlands use only clean energy by 2050.

The party also plans on tackling tax evasion by making it mandatory for multinational companies to disclose how much income tax they pay in each country.

GroenLinks wants to address income inequality with a new social agreement. Tax top incomes more heavily, and lower the tax burden for people with low and mid level income.

The party is against closing the borders to refugees - all people have the right to a future, according to the party. Asylum shelter should be decent, return of failed asylum seekers must happen safely with a proper chance of a new life, and children who are rooted in the Netherlands should not be deported.

Other points on GroenLinks' election campaign include scrapping healthcare deductibles, and a "two-year junior high", giving middle schools students an extra year to decide which direction to go in the rest of their education.

GroenLinks will immediately start campaigning for the elections coming up in March next year. The party will make use of "apptivists" - people who will spread the word of hope through social media, to fight against the fear being sowed by the PVV and VVD in particular, Klaver said.

"If (VVD Prime Minster Mark, ed) Rutte encourages greed, we will rely on empathy. If (PVV leader Geert, ed) Wilders sows division, we will work together. If they stir up fear, we rely on hope", the GroenLinks leader said. "Rutte and Wilders, they are the enemies."