Enschede hospital looking for family of mysterious patient

MST Enschede (Photo: Simpleness/Wikimedia Commons)MST Enschede (Photo: Simpleness/Wikimedia Commons)

The MST hospital in Enschede is urgently looking for the family of a man who showed up at the hospital's desk last night, sick and confused. The man could not say who he is, AD reports. 

The patient had no identification with him. He was admitted immediately because he was seriously ill, but is not in life threatening danger.

He is a balding man around the age of 65 with gray hair. He showed up at the hospital neatly dressed. He is unable to talk, but nods and shakes his head in response to questions. In this way the MST staff determined that the man is from Enschede.

The hospital did not say what exactly is wrong with the man, only that he is doing well "under the circumstances". The man needs prescription medicine and the hospital is urgently looking for his family.

According to the hospital, it is very unusual for a completely unidentifiable patient to show up at the hospital.