Moroccan visitor accuses Van Gogh museum guard of discrimination

A Moroccan boy pressed charges of discrimination against a security guard of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. According to him, the guard refused him entrance because of his race, AT5 reports.

The boy won a ticket to the Museum and wanted to use it on Thursday last week. A guard at the museum asked the boy for his identity document and then sent him away."I'd rather not let Moroccans inside", the guard said according to the boy.

He filmed the conversation and showed it to the police when he went to press charges.

The boy told that he feels discriminated against. "I was denied access because I look Moroccan. In the line in front of me were only white people. I was the only one with a Moroccan appearance and also the only one the security guard approached. I left. What was supposed to be a fun and interesting afternoon in a museum, was taken away from me."

A spokesperson for the museum told AT5 that they are investigating. "Because how or what exactly happened, is still not clear to us."