WWII memorial plaques stolen from Rotterdam

Stolpersteine on Agniesestraat in Rotterdam (Photo: Wikifrits/Wikimedia Commons)Stolpersteine on Agniesestraat in Rotterdam (Photo: Wikifrits/Wikimedia Commons)

Three so-called Stolpersteine were stolen from Graaf Florisstraat and Mathenesserlaan in Rotterdam, RTV Rijnmond reports. These memorial stones consist of plaques built into the sidewalk in front of houses where people lived who were deported in the Second World War. It mostly involves Jewish people. 

It is unclear exactly when the plaques were stolen. According to the local broadcaster, the police have no indication that other plaques are missing.

The first Stolpersteine were placed in Rotterdam in 2010. They are about 10 by 10 centimeters big and contain details of the deceased. There are currently over 200 of these memorial plaques in Rotterdam. Other Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Tilburg and Hilversum, also have these stones.