Extra security for Tilburg's LGBT celebration day

On Monday the city of Tilburg is celebrating Roze Maandag. Given international events, such as an attack in a gay bar in Orlando last month that left 49 people dead, the Tilburg municipality implemented a number of extra security measures. Most notable to attendees is that no backpacks will be allowed in the Amstel Beer Hall in the town hall.

"They will not be allowed inside", Jeroen Rosenberg of the organizers said to Omroep Brabant. "We've become a bit stricter because of all events in the world. For the rest, there is the same protection as other years." The organizers expect about 350 thousand people today.

The municipality of Tilburg will not comment on what security measures are in place. "We always prepare the safety of the festival minutely detailed with all partners. Which include the fire department and the police", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster. "This year too we prepare thoroughly. We never make statements about specific measures around safety."