"Pokemon terrorism" annoys Den Bosch residents

Wild Pokemon appear on the streets of Amsterdam, 11 July 2016, Pokemon Go (Photo: @xChibiiGo/Twitter)Wild Pokemon appear on the streets of Amsterdam, 11 July 2016, Pokemon Go (Photo: @xChibiiGo/Twitter)

Residents of a courtyard building on Zusters van Orthenpoort find themselves in a Pokemon-hell with Pokemon Go players flooding their building at all hours and leaving junk behind them. "This is Pokemon terrorism!" one exasperated resident said to Omroep Brabant.

"Sometimes there are 60 people here" one resident said to the broadcaster. "And they are here until late at n night and again early in the morning. They keep my out of my sleep, while I have to be up early, for my work."

Another resident is concerned about an elderly neighbor. "She hasn't slept for days. They stand against her wall, sit on her windowsill." The lady in question wrote to Nintendo Nederland to complain. The company informed her that her letter was translated and sent to Pokemon in America.

The residents try to console themselves by telling themselves that this is just a hype and will be over again in a few months. But they don't know whether they'll survive a few months. The police do extra patrols and sometimes instruct the young crowd to leave. But a few minutes later they're back, or new players arrive. "I don't have anything against the game, but I'd like to see that after a certain time, say half past eleven at night, it is forbidden to play it here. Just write out fines."

According to the broadcaster, the residents of the building are considering starting a petition, though they don't know who to send it to yet.


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