Amsterdam gay couple accuses Nieuw West neighbors of death threats


A homosexual couple in the Slotervaart neighborhood of Amsterdam's Nieuw-West district has received death threats from their neighbours. The couple is planning to leave the capital city, but say they nowhere to go, since they were declined status to be placed on an urgent list for a residence outside of the city.

The harassment by the neighbours began, according to the couple, about six weeks ago, reports ANP. Daan Winter-Stroman, one of the men who says he was threatened, posted on his Facebook page, “We have Moroccan neighbours, and two gay men living next to them is a no-go. All homosexual people must die,” he claims he was told.

"It’s too foul to express in words," states Daan Winter-Stroman. The harassment doesn’t stop at just verbal abuse, he adds. “Our dog isn’t able to go outside, because they toss a large number of sharp objects into the garden … They throw rocks agains our windows, we are kept awake until deep into the night.”

The couple was so excited about their "beautiful home with a lovely garden," but after these issues cropped up they decided that, for their own safety, it’s best to leave Amsterdam.

Daan Winter-Stroman writes that he and his partner have contacted local authorities, but that the case remains untreated. A police spokesperson states that they have indeed received a report and that the police has acted as mediator. “There has been conversation in between the couple, neighbours and the police. This conversation went without difficulty. This case received abundant attention,” says a spokesperson of the police. Still, a criminal complaint was filed by the couple.

The Nieuw-West district was also informed of the case. “We deplore the state of affairs. The municipality, housing association and the police are working on it. We have taken the complaints very seriously. District leader Achmed Baâdoud does not treat the security of his inhabitants lightly and he hopes to find a solution for all parties involved,” a spokesperson of the district tells ANP.

"Daan and Willem don’t have to move, but the harassers have to go. We do not tolerate such behavior!" writes Baâdoud.

Parliamentarians Joram van Klaveren and Louis Bontes have stated their intention to raise the issue in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament.