First Netherlands Internet of Things network completed

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KPN completed its Long Range Wide Area-network for the Internet Of Things, making the Netherlands the first country in the world to have a so-called Lora-network with nationwide coverage, reports.

This network is interned for devices that sometimes need to send a small amount of data. The Lora network means that such devices do not need a SIM card and use very little power for their connection. It is expected that more and more devices will require access to the internet.

The Internet Of Things connect devices to each other and the internet. This means, for example, that smart energy meters can exchange data with many other sensors. The Lora network consumes very little energy and is therefor much more suited for this purpose than existing networks.

Schiphol airport is already using this network for baggage handling. Utrecht Central Station launched a test with it monitoring switches and the port of Rotterdam uses it to work depth gauges.


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