“Filthy homo” shouted at Dutch actor just before Orlando vigil

Paul de Leeuw (Photo: @pauldeleeuw1962/Twitter). (Paul de Leeuw (Photo: @pauldeleeuw1962/Twitter))

Dutch actor Paul de Leeuw was called a "filthy homo" just before he entered a Rotterdam vigil for the victims of the, he said on Twitter on Saturday.

De Leeuw was walking into gay-cafe De Unie in Rotterdam when a group of young people walked by and insulted him.

"I just walked through Rotterdam and a guy of 23 passed me and said Paul de Leeuw. Filthy homo! I called after him filthy? Why! But he kept walking. Coward", the actor tweeted.

"There is still a lot to do and gay hatred is only growing", De Leeuw said after the vigil, according to NU.nl.