Car thief released from custody 8 days before fatal accident

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wildfeuer). (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wildfeuer))

Remon W., the 38 year old Doetinchem man responsible for a tin which a 4-year-old boy was killed, was released from custody only 8 days before the accident. The Probation Service was against his release, Dutch newspaper AD reports.

W. was arrested in October last year for assaulting his father and threatening police officers. A month earlier he threatened his sister's ex-husband. On June 9th he was released from custody to await his trial in freedom.

His release was granted under strict conditions, including that he reports to the probation service, continues to cooperate with an ongoing psychological examination and keep taking his medication.

The Netherlands' probation service, Reclassering Nederland, advised against the man's release because he suffers from severe mental health problems, according to the newspaper. Only a few days after his release the service submitted a request that he be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. At the time of the accident, the court had not yet considered that request.

W.'s mother also thinks that her son "should never have been released", she said to De Gelderlander. "I told his psychiatrist, something bad will happen if he is released. And he will take others with him", Monique van der Sandt said to the newspaper. "I feel so guilty. The worst part is: this could have been prevented. The court in Zutphen should never have released him early this month."

A mere eight days after his release, W., stole the car of a psychologist that came to check up on him, sped away and caused the fatal accident. They boy's mother, father and 3-year-old sister were also injured.