New fund to invest €100 mil. into robotics-startups

Robot Asimo (Photo: Romram/Wikimedia Commons). (Robot Asimo (Photo: Romram/Wikimedia Commons))

Canadian investor Chrysalix Venture Capital is teaming up with robotics center RoboValley in Delft to invest 100 million euros into robotics-startups with the new RoboValley Investment Fund, ANP reports.

This money is intended to make it easier for startups to join the market. According to the initiators, starting robotic companies now often get stuck in universities and laboratories with little starting capital.

As RoboValley is located on the TU Delft campus, the expectation is that the bulk of the investment will go into the Delft "robo-hub". RoboValley currently has 21 robotics startups alongside longstanding robotics companies. Currently over 170 scientists are working there with the government and industry on new robotics.