Terschelling ranger vacancy overwhelmed with job applicants

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The most coveted job currently in the Netherlands is being a ranger on Terschelling. The Forestry Commission received hundreds of responses and application for a job vacancy on the Wadden island.

According to area manager Tamara Bok, the applicants come from all walks of life and all corners of the labor market. "There are people who work at the Public Prosecution office, the police, the Royal Netherlands Army and lecturers, but also a highly motivated cafe owner and someone with a massage parlor."

Being a state ranger comes with a salary of up to 2,900 euros a month for a working week of 32 to 36 hours. For this vacancy, the ranger will be responsible for 9,400 hectares of nature. Interested job seekers have until the end of Wednesday to apply.

Bok warns that applicants shouldn't think that being a ranger is 100 percent outside work. According to her, most of the job happens behind a desk in an office.