Amsterdam assassination trial devolves into shouting match

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Tensions were high in the Amsterdam court room on Wednesday when Benaouf A. came face to face with his alleged would-be assassin Anouar B. The court repeatedly called for order as glares turned into heated shouting matches, the Telegraaf and AT5 reports.

A. and B. are both in the Amsterdam court room for the appeal in the Staatsliedenbuurt assassination case. B. was previously sentenced to life in prison for his role in gunning down two men and firing on police officers. A., believed to be the intended target for the assassination, is there to give witness testimony against B.

A., who is himself currently serving a 12 year prison sentence for an assassination in Antwerp, claims that he and his family were threatened by B. In turn A. threatened B. with retaliation if something happens to his family. And this revenge will be even worse than the recent beheading of Nabil Amzieb.

In court today A. repeated his threat to murder B.'s entire family, if something happened to his own family because of this lawsuit.  "I don't know what he wants", an angry Anour B. shouted back. "I don't even know this pancake." and "He just walks in and threatens me. Pancake." he said with a smile.

To that A. said: "He laughs, but I mean it."