Douwe Bob "disappointed", but proud by Eurovision 11th place

Douwe Bob (Photo: Jaap Stolk/Wikimedia Commons). (Douwe Bob (Photo: Jaap Stolk/Wikimedia Commons))

Dutch singer Douwe Bob is disappointed by his 11th place but also proud of his performance. "I'd be lying if I said I was not disappointed. You go with one guoal and I did not realize it", he said to 3FM on his way to the airport in Stockholm on Sunday. "But it's okay and actually I'm very happy."

Bob is proud of what his team did in Stockholm and very impressed with all the support he received. He is also happy that he did his absolute best. "If I could say now that I should have sung one note differently or that I did not look good. But that is really not the case. I pulled out all the stops", he said to 3FM.

The Dutch singer was met by fans when he landed on Schiphol airport on Sunday. "I was sad and disappointed, but I managed to regroup and I am completely happy again", he said.