Auction of seized family's cat cancelled after debt dispute

Curious cat (Photo: Deutsche Fotothek‎/Wikimedia Commons). (Curious cat (Photo: Deutsche Fotothek‎/Wikimedia Commons))

A Zoetermeer family almost lost their cat in an auction. The family's possessions are being auctioned off on Wednesday because they did not pay their debts and the cat was listed as one of their assets. The cat was removed from the auction on Tuesday afternoon for unknown reasons, Omroep West reports.

"Such a cat belongs to the assets of the debtor", bailiff Henry Overdevest explained to the broadcaster. "He can bring in hundreds of euros." According to him, it is not unheard of for animals to be auctioned of to recover debts. "There are for example breeding dogs that are worth tens of thousands of euros."

It is not clear why the cat was removed from the auction. Overdevest was not available for comment after the decision was made.