Dutch authorities requested Facebook data 271 times last year

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Facebook received 271 requests for information from the Dutch authorities last year. About 73 percent of these requests were granted or partially granted, according to a biannual report on requests by governments the social media site published on Thursday.

In most of the cases, information was requested in connection with a criminal investigation. The Netherlands' requests involved 301 user accounts.

In 2014 the Netherlands made 117 requests for information from the social network site. Facebook granted or partially granted about 60 percent of these requests.

Facebook only responds to "valid requests" related to investigations into criminal activities. Each request is examined individually to make sure there are enough legal grounds to grant the request.

In 2015 Facebook received the most information requests from The U.S government with 19,235. India came in a far second place with 5,561 requests and the United Kingdom came in third with 4,190 requests.

In the Netherlands Facebook is currently int he midst of a legal battle with Chantal from Werkendam. The young woman is from the social media site on who posted a sex tape of her and an ex boyfriend. Facebook claims this . Two independent experts are whether this is indeed the case.