Dutch servers used more in cyber attacks against foreign governments

An increasing number of hacker groups and cyber spies make use of Dutch computer servers to attack foreign governments, according to a study done by internet security firm Trend Micro, BNR reports. 

The Netherlands is an ideal place for cyber criminals due to the country's outstanding infrastructure. "One of the things they use is the internet in the Netherlands." Albert Kramer, director of Trend Micro, said to the broadcaster. "That internet is very good and is very attractive to abuse. From here you have a stable connection, a stable service. You can also easily switch from one provider to another."

Dutch servers have been used in attacks against the governments of Poland, Ukraine and Turkey, among others. One of the groups that make use of Dutch servers is Pawn Storm. Their cyber attacks are aimed at political goals. "They are focused on Ukraine, Russia. But also on related matters such as the investigation on MH17 in the Netherlands. These are typical goals that er not necessarily economic in nature, but mainly political. So here you can talk about cyber espionage.", Kramer said.