Kids consume too much toxic 3-MCPD through margarine, sauces

Margarine (Photo: Kai Hendry/Wikimedia Commons)Margarine (Photo: Kai Hendry/Wikimedia Commons)

Young children consume too high levels of potentially carcinogenic 3-MCPD through margarine, bakery goods and sauces, according to a study published by the RIVM on Monday, ANP reports.

This is the first time that the RIVM studied the amount of 3-MCPD ingested by people at various ages. The harmful substance is created during the production and heating of vegetable oils and fats. It is known to cause kidney damage and is potentially carcinogenic.

According to the researchers, an average of 18 percent of kids between the age of 2 and 6 years ingest too much of this toxic substance, compared to the set health limit. At age seven, 35 percent of kids consume too much 3-MCPD. After that the intake decreases. At age 17 less than 5 percent exceed the limit.

The RIVM notes that the study was performed on limited data and no firm conclusions can be drawn as of yet. Further research into the intake of 3-MCPD in the Netherlands is necessary.