Animal rights group hits restaurants over battery farm chicken

According to animal welfare organization WakkerDier, very few restaurants choose for animal friendly chicken. And that has to change. The organization therefore launched a campaign on Sunday in which restaurant visitors can help make menus battery farm chicken free, ANP reports.

In the coming weeks WakkerDier will call on restaurant consumers to be extra critical when eating chicken in a restaurant or takeaway. They can do so by carefully reading the menu and asking staff questions abut the chicken. If it seems that a restaurant is serving battery farm chicken, customers can, in a friendly manner, address the matter with the owner - either via social media or by leaving a note behind in the restaurant. A template for such a note can be found on WakkerDier's website.

WakkerDier started campaigning against battery farm chicken in 2012. Since then they managed to convince a number of supermarkets to opt for chicken with a better quality of life.