Netherlands residents gobble down 47 chocolate easter eggs each

Easter eggs (Photo: aussiegall / Wikimedia Commons)Easter eggs (Photo: aussiegall / Wikimedia Commons)

A massive 86 percent of people living in the Netherlands love easter eggs. Each resident eats an average of 47 chocolate eggs during the Easter period, according to a study done by HEMA, AD reports.

The biggest easter egg sweet-tooths find themselves in Overijssel, where residents eat an average of 59 easter eggs per person. Second place is Groningen with 55 eggs, followed by Friesland in third place with 54 eggs.

From the time easter eggs are sold in stores until Easter weekend, the average Dutch person eats 34 eggs. The other 13 are consumed during the Easter weekend.

Men eat more easter eggs than women, 53 and 41 respectively.

30 percent of people living in the Netherlands take part in the annual easter egg hunt. Of them 71 percent play to win (find the most eggs). 42 percent of them even admit to cheating. Here too men seem to be more fanatical than women - 60 percent of men admitted to cheating, compared to 27 percent of women.