Anti-Islam PVV finances in worse shape than other political parties

In 2014 the PVV was the parliamentary party with the highest financial deficit. In that year the party spent 300 thousand euros more than it had, according to the parliamentary parties' audit reports for 2014, the Telegraaf reports.

These audit reports were made public on Monday. They are the most recent figures available.

Every year the parliamentary factions are given an amount of money based on the number of seats they have in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament. with this money they can pay for policy advisers and other support.

In 2014 PVV leader Geert Wilders and his parliamentarians received more than 2 million euro from the Tweede Kamer. But that turned out not to be enough. The party's spending was more than 300 thousand euros over budget and they required an advance of 100 thousand euros.

In second place for largest shortfall for 2014 is the CDA. The party spent 100 thousand more than it received.

It should be noted that both these parties had "savings" with the Kamer - money left over from previous years.

The party with the most money left over, relatively speaking, in 2014 was the VVD. The party received 6.8 million euros from the Kamer and had 1.3 million left over at the end of the year. The VVD does its best to work economically with tax money, parliamentarian Helma Nepperus said to the newspaper. The party already had 2.8 million euros in "savings". As there is a maximum limit to the amount of savings a party can have in the Kamer, the 2014 left over money is going back to the treasury.

The SP came in second place for most leftover money. The party received nearly 2.5 million euros and had 500 thousand over at the end of the year.