Amsterdam city accountants still missing 24.5 million euros

Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera (Photo: MichielverbeekNL/Wikimedia Commons)Amsterdam's city hall the Stopera (Photo: MichielverbeekNL/Wikimedia Commons)

After sifting through its bookkeeping records, Amsterdam is still unable to locate an amount of 24.5 million euros. And it is highly unlikely that this money will be found, the city government said on Friday, Het Parool reports. 

The money went missing during the transfer of budgets and reorganization - some districts were removed, services were merged and a new method of administration and budgeting was implemented. In this 1.3 billion euros were redistributed. The exact location of about 5 percent of that money is uncertain.

The city council asked the college of mayor and aldermen to find that money before March 16th so that there is no more uncertainty about the 2016 budgets.

To prevent further delays, and because it is uncertain whether the 24.5 million missing euros will ever be found, the city government decided to put an end to the search. The 24.5 million euros will be split equally over all municipal services as "management costs".